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RapidIteration is a global software product development company helping businesses of all sizes launch software products for a fraction of the time and cost of traditional developers.

From responsive web apps to hybrid and fully native, we can build the type of app you need.

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Our Portfolio

We were able to work with many companies, organizations and aspiring entrepreneurs and successfully delivered them software products, so that they scale their businesses and operations

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Gaming platform

From idea to MVP and from MVP to fully scaled platform, we build a gaming platform for one of our clients in Malta. Our digital product design process and assigning an expert team of developers were key factors in launching a successful platform.

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Find perfect talents

Find perfect talents for your work or look for work online. YaganKar facilitates finding the right talent for employers and also, finding jobs online for the talents. The MVP was built in-house the product iteration process is ongoing.

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Open education for all

As part of our commitment to make educational resources accessible for all, we developed and continue to maintain the ddl.af library. The library now hosts more than 10K+ resources with monthly user reach of over 50K.

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A digital business magazine

We built businessDNA’s website, and worked with them to launch their online magazine product. BusinessDNA is now a respected executive magazine that had a successful exit and was acquired by AHG.

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We developed the MVP of AIFO for AIDRIVERS, an autonomous robotics company based in London. AIFO is a V2X enabled fleet management system with mobility predictive analytics, global path planning, scheduling and extended environment perception

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How To Build A Successful Product?

Starting with the prototyping, to designing your MVP and getting your product built, our highly experienced product owners, visual designers, and engineers can help you in all stages of the journey.

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Executive Leadership

We value quality, discipline, and accountability and we make sure these values are reflected in every product we design and in all work we do.

Jamshid Hashimi

Founder / CEO

Lauryn Oates

Chief Strategy Officer

Khaled Abidy

Chief Operating Officer

Hamid Afghan

Head of Development

Mostafa Rezaie
Akmal Arzhang

Head of Partnerships and Cloud

Mustafa Ehsan Alokozai

Senior Technical Advisor

Mobasher Fasihi

Software Architect

Murtaza Sultani

Senior Software Developer

Aziz Saeidi

Product Owner

Dawood Emran

Product Designer

Mirza Hussain

Product Designer

Abida Nabizada

Product Owner

Asadullah Hashimi

Product Owner

Mustafa Mohammadi

Product Owner

Aqil Hoshmand

Product Owner

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