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MVP Development Process

If you are still not sure about your idea’s product-market fit, we start with MVP development process. We follow the bellow processes to dive deep into your business goals and your end user requirements.

1. Idea

We’re not afraid of the unknown. Before we jump in, we like to learn about your unique business, your core values, and why you need our help.

2. Prototype

  • - Rapid Prototyping
  • - Usability Testing
  • - P.O.C
  • - Mockup
  • - Moodboard

3. Plan

  • - User story map
  • - User scenarios
  • - Specification by example
  • - Mockup
  • - MVP

4. Launch

  • - Visual Design
  • - Frontend Development
  • - Backend Development
  • - Interaction Design
  • - Navigation Design
  • - Information Design

5. Evaluate

  • - A/B Testing
  • - Usability Testing

Software Development Process

In cases where the requirements are clear, we dive into the software development process. We adopted and enhanced a process that we follow in making sure every iteration of your product generates the maximum value for your customers.

1. Requirement

  • - User stories
  • - Acceptance Criteria
  • - INVEST Principle

2. Analysis & Design

  • - Review Requirements
  • - Architectural Decisions
  • - Frontend & Backend Design

3. Implementation & Testing

  • - Frontend Development
  • - Backend Development
  • - Testing

4. QA/Acceptance

  • - Functional Testing
  • - Technical Testing
  • - End-to-end Testing

5. Deployment

6. Evaluation

  • - Sprint Presentation
  • - Results Review
  • - Key Learnings

ICT Consulting

Providing digital transformation roadmaps and advisory that enables organizations of any size to scale fast and rapidly innovate.

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We provide ICT consulting to transform the organization's infrastructure into a modern, connected, and efficient platform. We offer and provide a wide range of services, from developing ICT strategies to ICT project management, and from ICT integration and implementation to innovation and efficiency in all ICT related operations.

We aim to promote the highest ICT professional services aligned with ICT standards, and provide solutions to organizations pursuing excellence and alignment with business strategy.

As a key partner to your business, we guide you through an enlightening and effective digital journey. Agility, quality, and communication are our strengths.

Staff Augmentation

We specialize in solid end-to-end delivery of tailor-made technology solutions designed by an expert team of Software Engineers.

It's critical to have the right team of professionals to achieve success in a project, and as projects enter new phases of maturity, sometimes it's necessary to add new members who are just right for the job. Our staff augmentation services provide the speed, professional acumen, and flexibility your team needs to scale quickly and complete development on time.

As your extended team, our experts comply with your internal processes and actively participate in regular meetings and progress reports.

Our staff augmentation services are available for every type of project. No matter how simple or complex - from prototyping, to full-scale development of desktop, mobile, or web applications, testing and systems management.

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