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Our Product Iteration Process

Jamshid Hashimi

Founder & CEO

Our MVP development process is for those who wants to launch a new product or pivot from an existing one. Our production iteration process comes after that.

Sticking to our 21 day duration, our product iteration process is inspired from Scrum framework of Agile methodology and consists of stages that starts from requirement gathering and then goes towards analysis & design to which it proceeds to implementation and testing. After that, the QA/acceptance testing starts that results to a deployment. We also have an evaluation step to assess how the iteration went and what we can learn from it to consider in our future iterations.

RapidIteration Product Iteration Process

RapidIteration Product Iteration Process

When we are working on implementing new features on our own products or one of our clients, we bet on features that we can implement in 21 days and then proceed with delivering it, considering the timeline, but also making sure we are not sacrificing the quality of our work.

Do you have a product that you want implement new features or requires maintenance? Let's get it rapidly iterate with new features every 21 days!

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